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Coronation coffee morning on Monday 8thMay - 'The Big Help Out'

by Will & Nina Mattiello-Kent

On Monday 8 May, to celebrate the Coronation of King Charles III, the whole country participated in the 'The Big Help Out'. This was a national day of giving back to the community through volunteering and service of neighbour. As a church within the community of Battersea we have an important role to play, in supporting those in need, in creating a space of care and welcome, and in testifying to the love of God. To mark this day, therefore, an open morning was hosted for any member of the parish or community to come and enjoy fellowship, refreshment, and a joyful atmosphere.

Home cooked food was served, music was played, children decorated cakes, and people got to know each other better though conversation and time spent together. Fr David even went out onto the street corner to encourage passers-by to come in and experience our church environment. We have an incredible opportunity as a church to serve those around us. A small and simple gesture such as this open morning was a powerful reminder of how churches can be places of encounter and friendship. This in turn brings to mind what Jesus said, that where two or three gather in his name, He is present.


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